Monday, March 1, 2010

Final Walk with Lady Face

Here's my final walk cycle. I might need some more follow through and less jitter on that back leg... :x

I sketched this at the mall, and a local elementary school teacher sat with me. After chatting a while, I asked her if i could draw her, she let me and that's her face! Mrs. Susan Assadi. Anyone have her?
A couple things i've noticed while doing my tweens...
1. Number the drawings as well as new tweens. This helps avoid tweening between two drawings that aren't supposed to be tweened... :(
2. To be happy tweening, prop up the animation disc so your neck doesn't give. Sore necks = grumpy animator i'm sure of it. :(
3. Make sure the limb you're going to draw matches the frame it's in. And be careful not to tween opposite legs. :( :(

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