Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ball Ball Bouncing!

After some trepidation over my ineptitude with required software...

So many crashes...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Observation and quote or "I can scan!"

From our Sketchbook reading,
"If it is not as satisfying a start as you would have liked, don't be critical—that's where you are—face it. Just turn the page and start another. All those faculties that are required to make a more satisfying sketch are being awakened—even now—as you search for a new subject and begin to sketch."
I liked this one because it encourages me not to become precious or self-conscious with my sketches by pushing through each page. It's interesting to me because it places importance on the process, which is something I've recently been exploring. It also addresses pointedly how to deal with a disappointing sketch—face it! Those two words are so cruel but once I can let go of the sketch I can focus on what is really important; observation; intuition; creativity; practice! Its still hard and I haven't been sketching everyday so I hope I will change that and get better!

That said, here are images from the first pages...

 The sketchbook is really too big for my scanner lol. But at least my scanner scans! (If you own a Canon printer and lost the software CD, another Canon printer's CD will work if it has the same software! Then just dl the driver from the Canon website) See ya!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tastin' Animation

There's so much great animation out there... hard to choose just one. I picked out a trailer for an animated movie that got me all excited. Pups of Liberty Trailer! forgot how i stumbled on this one...

I chose 2D because i prefer it over 3D... Why i chose this one, I like the generally muted colors, the smooth and thoughtful animation, and the way the clips are put together to make an exciting trailer. It's efficient and appropriate... There's a big difference when the music, color, design matches because things pop up when they don't 9_9 lol!

I also really appreciate good music videos and songs put to animation (or visa versa?) and video game animation like in fighting or role playing games.

If the post wasn't a short animation I might have posted the Balto movie. <3 that doggie.

Oh! I forgot all about this one... Perils of Love... there's no color, and everything has the same line quality, but the narrative and pacing is so compelling. And the synched music... it's so satisfying. Ah~! 

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Post!...

...and nothing to share :x checking out the pretty new blog.